Summer 2022, new opportunities & new classes

Just a quick note this evening, some exciting things are coming in September!

In addition to another Biblical Citizenship Class, we will also be doing our first American Campfire Revival series with Kirk Cameron based on the book by the late great Dr. Marshall Foster entitled The American Covenant. It is a 10 week series geared directly to the family of faith. We are excited to see the new fruit that will come from the immense wisdom contained in this book.

Additionally we have been blessed to forge a partnership with Mid-Valley Learning Center and will be assisting in one of their US Citizenship preparation courses starting in late September. Giving those who wish to become new citizens a solid factual background about their new country and its origins is key in helping them to enjoy its many blessings. We are excited to start this journey alongside Vivian and her team!

Look forward to hearing more from us soon!!

Enjoy your summer 🙂

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