‘Stepping Stones’ with Pastor Troy Gulstrom & Diannah Dolby

'Stepping Stones' with Pastor Troy Gulstrom & Diannah Dolby


March 5, 2023    
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Mehema Community Center
22057 Emma St. , Mehama, Oregon, 97384

A weekly community event to learn about Civics, Local Politics and History that affects the Santiam Canyon and its residents


Educate, Inform and Activate

Weekly Classes – Sundays at 4pm-6pm (Starting on January 29th, 2023)


Satisfied with the direction of our Nation? Wonder how we got here? Is there a way back to the Founders’ Vision? We will discuss this and more!


Video/In-Person Teaching with class discussion, occasional updates from our local Legislators and Congressional Representatives.


Educate – We the People as to what is happening culturally and politically,

Inform – We the People of our responsibility to be active and knowledgeable citizens and,

Activate – We the People, Educated and Informed on our rights and responsibilities as citizens of a Constitutional-Representative Republic.


Troy Gulstrom, 503-881-9846

Diannah Dolby 503-881-6147

Others -TBA


OSCYC – 22057 Emma Street Mehama, OR 97384

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