December 18, 2021

Constitution IQ Project 2021 Year-end update

As Christmas is now just around the corner, we want to pause and reflect on 2021 and how much we have been blessed this year. While our pandemic rages on, an interesting byproduct seems to be evolving. Countless parents are now more aware of what their children are being taught at school.

This newfound reality has created a thirst for knowledge as many parents now seek changes to what their kids are being taught, some also have aspirations to involve themselves in local school boards. Many are finding that they either have forgotten or perhaps never learned how these public boards and commissions function, and many are questioning if their government is functioning as intended?

This presents a giant opportunity to bring the education that was forgotten, or never learned, to literally thousands of people. It is the essence of our existence, our mission, and our purpose.

Here are a few things on the horizon for Q1 2022

  • Biblical Citizenship Class in the Santiam Canyon, Stayton/Mehema area
  • American Citizenship and Its Decline, video series with Victor Davis Hansen, Salem area
  • Online Biblical Citizenship Class targeting all of Oregon

Are you ready to join us and help make a difference? Below are some ways you can help.

Let your friends and family know we are here! Our website is the best way to find out more about what we do. We are also on Facebook  @ConstitutionIQProject

Will you partner with us and host a class for your church, homeschool, or civic group? Send us an email to and let us know.

Consider a year-end gift to help us further our efforts. Learn more about how your donations will be used HERE

Much work remains, but Americans all over our nation are eager to learn. Help us equip them!

We hope you have a blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year. Watch for our class announcements to start popping into your inbox soon. Please share them with your friends and family and help make civics and the constitution “Cool” again!

In Liberty,

Jeff Heyen


Constitution IQ Project

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