Constitution IQ Project – 2022 is off to a great start

So how about them Canadian truckers?? It is becoming increasingly evident that folks across the world are waking up and smelling the proverbial coffee. Not just here in the US but Canada and places in Europe are all questioning the motives of their governments. They are wondering where their freedoms have gone?

As Americans we are so blessed that we have a heritage rooted in freedom. As literally millions of our fellow citizens awake from their civic slumber, they are seeking truth and knowledge. And where ever we are Constitution IQ Project desires to meet their needs.

Just this past weekend, a friend who serves as the Executive Director for the Oregon Republican Party, told me of a National Meeting he had just attended in Utah. I guess he had taken some of our business cards and had shared what we are doing with some representatives from other states. I guess folks in LA, OK, KS and a few other states were really interested and planned to share our information with folks back in their states. How cool is that??

Another friend Dama, had taken her ladies bible study through the Biblical Citizenship class recently and wanted to share it with the rest of her church. They put together a luncheon for the leaders and Pastors in the church where they previewed a portion of the ‘Religious Liberty segment’. They also prepared a vision statement with action items for their church. Over 50 people attended!! We are looking forward to hearing when they will be starting a class.

So many good things happening, we hope you will be inspired and join us. Below are the classes that are currently going on and or are scheduled. Invite your friends and family in the area to join us.

Please consider becoming a partner in this venture to educate our communities and restore America!

Let your friends and family know we are here! Our website is the best way to find out more about what we do. We are also on Facebook  @ConstitutionIQProject

Will you partner with us and host a class for your church, homeschool or civic group? Send us an email to and let us know.

Consider a financial gift to help us further our efforts. Learn more about how your donations will be used HERE

We hope you have a great Valentines Day and spoil the ones you love

In Liberty,

Jeff Heyen

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