CIQ Update – January 2023

A new year with new opportunities

It’s hard to stay positive with all the things going on in our country right now. The cost of everything is up if you can find it. Costco hasn’t even had eggs the past few weeks.

With all these things going on, a lot of folks are starting to ask questions about their government and the people running it. And the level of trust in traditional resources to answer their questions is deteriorating as fast as the cost of food is rising.

This has created a unique opportunity to speak into peoples lives and help them understand some of those ‘truths’ we have either conveniently forgotten, or never learned in school.

Constitution IQ Project has been presented with even more opportunities for 2023. Let me recap just a few of our successes in this past year.

Teaching in churches to include

  • Patriot Academy’s Biblical Citizenship
  • American Campfire Revival – Kirk Cameron & Marshall Foster
  • Monumental Documentary Bible Study – Kirk Cameron & Stephen McDowell
  • The Dying Citizen – Victor Davis Hansen & Hillsdale College

We Presented at the OCEANetwork Oregon Home School Convention in Albany

And lastly, we have begun a partnership with Mid-Valley Learning Center in helping to prepare people to become citizens of this great country by passing their Citizenship tests on Civics and American History.

We are also working on an upcoming project with the Oregon Republican Party to help their members provide education to both party members and the voters throughout Oregon.

All of this has certainly contributed to the lack of timely communication to our supporters. My goal for 2023 is to provide at least quarterly updates to you about all the things we are doing. Though you haven’t heard from me in a while, know your prayers and support is appreciated more than you know.

With all these new and continuing opportunities, we certainly have a need for more people to assist in coordinating and facilitating classes, assisting with communications and outreach, and plenty of other things. If our mission statement resonates with your desires to get involved in your community more in 2023, please reach out and let us know. We would love to hear from you.

As always, we welcome not only your time, but your monetary support as well. We are thankful for donations of any amount to help fund our activities. Those can be made directly via our website, or if you prefer via cash or check sent to us the old-fashioned way to the address below.

Constitution IQ Project



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